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TAPP : The World's First Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Meet TAPP : a pair of cutting-edge smart fingerprint padlocks that open with your unique fingerprint.

Never worry about losing your keys, forgetting your combination code or getting your locks picked again.

When it comes to keeping your stuff safe, you need a lock that is convenient, lightweight, and, of course, secure.

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TAPP is the only padlock that is smart enough to access without a key, combination code, or smartphone.

Never worry about losing your keys, forgetting your combination code or getting your locks picked again.

TAPP unlocks with a tap in under one second, using the one thing you always have with you - your unique fingerprint.

TappLock & TappLock Lite

Multi - Purpose

Security you control with your fingertips

Using a cutting edge encrypted fingerprint sensor. it grants access with just a tap in 0.8 seconds, 

making it the fastest padlock on earth. 

Designed to keep unwanted guests our, there's built in alarm that will activate if the lock is cut or if anyone without authorization tries to open it/

Share & manage access from afar with the mobile app

Using only your smartphone, you can grant anyone access to your lock from anywhere in the world with the TappLock app.

Up to 200 fingerprints can be stored, and you can customize the time, location, and duration of access. 

When you want to revoke access, do it with just a tap. With Tapplock and Tapplock Lite, you're always in control.

Get notifications from your lock in real time

Our security alarm and 100% steel frame helps you avoid theft

Lightweight, water-resistant, with a long-lasting battery life

TappLock has a lithium ion battery, that can last up 3 years on one charge.

You also have the option of accessing your lock through your phone, using bluetooth 4.1.

It's also water resistant, so you don't need to worry about it being damaged by rain or snow.

TappLock Lite is equipped with a replaceable battery that can last up to 6 months.


Give your device a power-boost on the go

TappLock doubles as a portable phone charger so that you're never left without power.

The battery can serve as an emergency charging source that can be used to boost the charge on any of a number of rechargeable mobile devices.


How Secure is TappLock?

TappLock uses a combination of hardware and technology to ensure the device is secure.


Sensor : Encrypted fingerprint sensor, high security, durable, close to zero false recognition rate. 

Both TappLock and TappLock Lite use FPC 1020, a cutting edge encrypted fingerprint sensor from world-renowned manufacturer Sweden Fingerprint Cards.

FPC 1020 is typically used in high-end smartphones and has received excellent reviews for its accuracy and consistency.


Bluetooth : TappLock uses AEX 128-bit encryption, the same encryption used by the miliitary to protect documents with confidential and secret security levels.


Firmware : TappLock is equipped with an anti-theft alarm that will sound if someone tries to compromise the lock.


Anti-shim/Anti-Theft : A very popular technique for accessing padlocks, Shimming is defined as violating a lock by inserting a foreign object into the latch mechanism.

TappLock's small-profile latch isdesigned to eliminate any targets for a shim tool to hit.


Durable, secure body : The TappLock body is constructed with minimal parts, helping to ensure a secure design. 

The lock body consists of a front and a back casing welded at the seam. Each casing is a single-piece and durable component.


Technical Specifications



How long does the battery last?

For the TappLock, the battery can last up to 3 years on one charge when used daily. TappLock Lite can last up to 6 months using two replaceable CR2032 3V Coin Cell batteries. These can be purchased at any major retailers.

What If My TappLock Runs Out Of Battery Life?

Considering the long battery life of the TappLock series, it is rare that the unit will run out of power. TappLock has a 3-year battery life on one charge. TappLock Lite has 6 month battery life. TAPP mobile application will dispatch notifications when the batteries are low on charge. Even with 5% battery life, TappLock can still last for months. Worst case, if your TappLock is out of power, it will remain locked until it is charged with an external power source. In the case of TappLock lite, you can easily replace the batteries.

Is TappLock water resistant?

Yes, TappLock and TappLock Lite are water resistant. For a padlock with electronic components, protection against the elements is something we wanted to ensure. TappLock Series special casing designs made sure of this. TappLock Series is also testing with Liquipel technology in order to add an additional layer of protection, with a special chemical layer on the internal electronics repels all moisture. 

What if the fingerprint sensor fails or is damaged?

The FPC 1020 is one of the best fingerprint sensors on the market. In the rare case that it does fail or is damaged beyond function, the user can always open the Tapp with Bluetooth via the app.  

Can someone replicate my fingerprint and be able to steal my lock(s)?

Speaking in basic terms, if someone wanted to steal my fingerprint, they would have to be in government or law enforcement. Be it at home or in public, we place our fingers on almost everything. However, to actually lift a clean print from a public surface and then replicate it is something that takes a lot of expertise and is highly unlikely to happen. The precision of the sensor reads several points on a print and would not recognize anything other than the actual finger of the user. As we mentioned, your fingerprint information will not be stored in any servers – the only place it is stored is in your padlock. The possibility that someone will disassemble your padlock, take out the sensor and circuit board, and decrypt your fingerprint information is very unlikely and farfetched.

What will prevent someone from damaging/destroying the sensor?

The sensor itself is extremely resilient – resistant to impact, scratching, and cracking. It will be securely attached to the face of the lock so that dislodging or moving the sensor will be impossible.

How long does it take to unlock TappLock?

It takes just 0.8 seconds from the time your finger touches the pad to the time the mechanism unlocks.

Can Tapp be used as luggage lock?

The standard TappLock can be used in your travels, but to be used as an airline luggage lock is another story. To be employed as a luggage lock for travel by plane, all locks require approval from various transportation security organizations, most notably the TSA. To get the certification, the lock must meet several standards, and we are currently considering whether we should brand the TappLock Lite as a luggage lock.

Can Tapp function without cell phone?

Once you have your fingerprint stored via the mobile app, Tapp requires no cell phone to open. You do require a cell phone if you want to open the lock via Bluetooth.

Can the Tapp cable be used for both charging and recharging?

One of the main features we advertise is the fact that, when unlocked, the Tapp can be used as a portable battery capable of recharging your phone. The magnetic port is located at the bottom of the lock and every Tapp will come with a cable. To recharge, we have a booster box that comes with every Tapp.

How many fingerprints can TappLock and TappLock store?

They use the same sensor. The sensor has the memory to store up to 200 fingerprints.

What are the exact dimensions of the TappLock?

The TappLock measures 85 x 55 x 30 mm.

How fast does TappLock charge?

Tapp is able to charge a standard smartphone up to 70% of the phone’s battery at the same rate as standard battery packs on the market.

How heavy is the TappLock in comparison to a standard padlock?

TappLock is approximately the same weight as your standard Dudley or MasterLock padlock, about 200 grams.

We’ve seen other fingerprint products before. What sensor is being used within your product and how does that differentiate it?

The sensor we are using in this lock is one of the best sensor on the market, from the Swedish company Fingerprint Cards AB. The sensor, the FPC 1020, is typically used in high-end smartphones and has received excellent reviews for its accuracy and consistency. One of the most innovative phones on the market, the Huawei Mate 7, makes use of the FPC 1020 in a sensing feature that has received praise throughout the industry.

What if my hands are cut, dirty or frozen? Can TAPP still read my fingerprint?

As long as the majority of your finger is not damaged or covered, the sensor should work for no problem. If you have grease or oil on your hands, then the sensor can read it just fine. If your hands are frozen or wet, it’ll still be able to read it. Of course, if your finger is completely covered in something, then it won’t work.

What phone should I have for Tapp?

To use the app, we recommend having a smartphone – Android, iOS, or Windows – with Bluetooth 4.0.

The app that we see in the video – is that the final UI? What other features will it have? The app that you see in the video is an early version – the current UI uses standard Android assets. For the final app there will be a much better looking UI – we will definitely be touching up the interface and making a lot of changes to the app. As far as other features go, there will be an access history for your lock, which will notify you of who accessed your lock at what time and where they used it.

Does Tapp work on Android, Windows, and iOS?

Currently, our Tapp prototype works only on the Android OS. However, we will have  iOS and Windows app when the product is shipped.

How does the sharing function work?

There are two ways to share access with the TappLock. The first is with fingerprints; for your family or friends, you can store their fingerprints on the lock. Access is controlled through the owner via the app, and fingerprints can be revoked or enabled at any time. The other way sharing works is through Bluetooth. With the app, you are able to add profiles that can have access to your lock via Bluetooth. The only time a connection is made between the app and your lock is once the ID of the lock matches with the profile ID of the user.

Is My Identity Safe?

Fingerprint information is very sensitive to many people, especially with the emergence and increasing prevalence of  biometric access. With this in mind, fingerprints are stored exclusively on your specific TappLock,  All fingerprint data is stored securely, within the electronic fingerprint module inside the TappLock. This data is neither accessed by, nor shareable with, any third party, product manufacturers included.

In the video, we see an alarm go off when cutters are used on the lock, even though the shackle has not been fully cut yet. Is that something that is possible with this lock? 

What you see in the video isn't an accurate representation of the alarm feature. The alarm will sound if the shackle is somehow separated from the lock without fingerprint or Bluetooth authentication. Like a car alarm, the alarm will stop when valid authentication is recognized by the lock.

How sturdy is the lock?

The manufactured version of the lock will have a body made of steel. The body and face are machined and will be welded together. The sensor possesses a hard and scratch-resistant surface, and will be securely attached to the face through a slot feature.

Is the lock able to be picked?

Given that the mechanism is different than your standard combination or key lock, security cannot be compromised through a simple set of picks.

How will your fingerprint information be encrypted?

The information is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard 128-bit.

Can someone else charge without my permission?

When your Tapp is locked, the charging function is not enabled. Once the Tapp is unlocked, then anyone with a cable can charge any device they want choose.

Is Tapp hackable?

We can’t definitively say that it is un-hackable yet, but we can guarantee that we will be working to prevent any sort of hack from happening.

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