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Sugru - Mouldable Glue (8X5g / 3X5g)

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Sugru is the World's first mouldable glue that turns into rubber!
Out of the pack, Sugru feels like play-dough, and it's that easy to use too.
It bonds to almost any other material and cures just by exposing it to air.
Its durable cured properties mean it'll stay strong and securely bonded anywhere from the freezer to a steamy hot shower, from the home to the great outdoors.

Color Choice (5g of 8pcs per pack) = SGD 30
Multi : 2 x red/ 2 x blue/ 2 x yellow/ 1 x black/ 1 x white
Colorful : 1 x red/ 1 x yellow/ 1 x blue/ 1 x green/ 1 x orange/ 1 x pink/ 1 x grey/ 1 x brown
Black & White : 4 x black/ 4 x white

Color Choice (5g of 3pcs per pack) = SGD16.50
3 x black
3 x white

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DIY Miracles You Can Accomplish with Sugru

1. Get a Grip

Over time, a lot of the hardware around your home can get old, worn down, and uncomfortable to use.

If you've got a few handles or faucets that have seen better days, you can fix up their grip with a bit of Sugru moldable silicone.


Sugru is great for all sorts of DIY repairs, but we thought this one was pretty clever.

Just take a good handful of Sugru and cover up any old, rusty piece of hardware to give it a better grip, and make it feel a little less dirty.

It works on a lot more than just faucets, too—anything that's gotten old, rusty, or sharp can be fixed up with just a bit of the moldable putty. 


2. Revive Old Appliances

If you have some old appliances, gadgets, stereo equipment, or anything else with imprinted lettering that's worn off, Sugru user Deborah P shows off how to fix those grooves using Sugru.

The process just requires a bit of Sugru and something to apply it with (a tongue depressor or popsicle stick does the trick).

Just use the stick to press the Sugru into the letter indentation, wipe off the excess with a paper towel, and then clean it all up with a Q-tip.

When you're done, you'll have brand new looking appliances.


3. Protect Yout Gadgets

Rubber or plastic bumpers in the four corners of laptop bottoms help to stabilize the computer but they also help to keep the laptop cool by adding additional airflow.

After a year or two many of these bumpers are lost and it can be difficult to find the specific size bumper for your laptop.

Consider using Sugru to make replacement buttons that should never be lost.


4. Mount Your Gadgets Anywhere

Why buy a dashboard mount for your MP3 player when you can build one that fits perfectly with just a few pieces of Sugru?

The beauty of this is that it works with any device, not just iDevices—which is unfortunately most of the mounts out there.

If you have a lesser-known Android phone or another less popular device, you're always guaranteed a good fit with DIY.

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