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MouseHouse – Small Pet Playhouse
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MouseHouse – Small Pet Playhouse


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Need To Freshen Up Your Cat’s Bedding?

Get this SUPER SOFT and CUTEac mouse-shaped cat bed for your furry friends! Your cats will love to hide and snuggle in it! Meow!

We all know how much cats love mice and now with our Hollowed Out Mouse Pet Bed, your furry little one will be dreaming chasing mice all night long.

This overgrown mouse is completely hollowed out giving your cat room to play around inside and snuggle up for the perfect sleeping spot.

Rubber gripping at the bottom of the bed ensures a stable and secure hold so it doesn’t move around or get flipped over when your cat gets a burst of energy.

  • Unique 2-in-1 cartoon mouse design, it has a zipper on the mouse’s ass which could turn into a funny pet tunnel
  • Superfine fiber cloth and foam filler, designed with removable foam cushion and thick plush, warm and soft
  • Provides maximum comfort for cats
  • Machine washable
  • Anti-slip to keep it steady on the floor
  • Ideal for your cats playing, scratching, napping and sleeping  

Size: 58 * 46 * 25 cm (22.8 * 18.1 * 9.8 in)
Material: Oxford cloth and soft faux fur with a sponge filled


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