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Detox Foot Bath Machine Tub
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Detox Foot Bath Machine Tub


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Sit Back And Relax With Hemetic™️- The Foot Spa That Relieves Stress And Brings Relaxation

Finally, the perfect way to soothe those aches and pains after a long day with Hemetic™️- The professional masseuse that you can bring into your home and get the job done.

 Easy to use and get started in no time. Simply place the plastic bag into the foot basin, pour the warm water in and let the Hemetic™️ do the rust. Comes with a one-key control pad that starts it up at the push of a button.

Change lights at the end of each phase and sounds off at the end of the thirty-minute cycle. Removing deadly toxins from your feet at each phase while giving you a good massage all at once.

Not only it removes dead toxins and gives you a great massage but it also improves blood circulation, helps with arthritis pain, rheumatoid, and even helps with your immune system. Giving you healthier feet and a healthier you.

The vast majority of our customers that even think about switching to another brand have never found one even comparable to ours on the market and are always glad we’re here for them, just as we’ll always be here for you. The Hemetic™️ exists to this day because we believe in giving you an easier and cost-efficient way to relieve stress and detox your feet for better relaxation and a better you. Get yours today so you can relax the right way.


Easy To Use & Operate- Easy to use one-key operation makes it easy to control and simple for anyone to start using as soon as today. Simply hook it up to the wall, find a good place to relax and let the foot spa do the rest.

Feels Like Heaven- Giving you the ultimate relaxation and a professional massage in the comfort of your own home. Eases stress after a long day and puts you in a more relaxed state in just a few short minutes.

Sooth & Cleanses- Detoxifies your feet and removes all of the harmful toxins from your feet. Cleansing your feet and boosting circulation to give you overall better foot health.

Money Saver- Brings the work of a professional to the comfort of your own home. Adjustable, convenient and super easy to use without spending hundreds of dollars to go see a professional.


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