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Mars by crazybaby (Mars Stereo Innovator) - Levitating Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Fi Sound

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Sound technology so advanced it feels like magic: Mars's levitating 360-degree sound projection reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station.

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Mars's levitating 360° sound projection reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces by levitating above the subwoofer charging station.





The system blends a 3¾” high-excursion subwoofer with a custom 1¾” high-sensitivity driver with a neodymium motor system. The result is a rich, high-fidelity sound that stretches from 50Hz - 20kHz. To get the most from the high-fidelity system, we’ve included aptX®, which allows for CD-quality, low latency streaming over Bluetooth.

Play music via Bluetooth or use the Mars app to control smart features like proximity volume and pairing multiple speakers for stereo sound.


Who is Mars made for? Anyone who loves their music and wants to make a design statement in the home or in the office.
How can magnetic levitation improve sound quality? It will avoid the resonance between the speaker and the surface it lies on, which helps to decrease the loss of acoustic fidelity.
What's in the box? · Mars Craft
· Mars Base 
· Power Adapter
· Quick Start Guide
How do I control Mars? 1.You can control basic music play function with your bluetooth device.
2. Using Mars App you can control: Craft lifting & landing/ Auto Volume Control/ Multi-speaker pairing/ EQ settings/ Power saving mode, etc.
How do I set up Mars? 1. Put Mars Craft on the Mars Base.
2. Turn on by pressing the power buttons.
3. Connect Mars with your smart device via Bluetooth, then play Music.
Why should I buy a pair of Mars Speakers? · When you pair two Mars together, they will build a 2.1 stereo speaker system, which is super amazing and very rare among Bluetooth speakers.
· If there are two Mars speakers in the same room, just connect to one of them, then the other one will finishing pairing automatically. You will see more in our Quick Start Guide. 
Is Mars portable? It is one of the most portable Bluetooth speakers: you can even put it into your pocket or on your bicycle frame. It is also sand & water proof to IPX7 standards.
Can I use it for phone conferencing? Mars speaker is just as comfortable in the board room.
a) The Mars has a high sensitivity electric microphone with flat frequency response, providing a better experience than mobile phones.
b) Mars has a 360-degree acoustic lens design that allows everyone at the table to hear the call clearly.
How do you make Auto Volume control possible? · The Bluetooth module inside Mars Craft will calculate the distance between itself and the connected device.
· The Mars App is necessary for this function. You can also turn it on/off or adjust volume manually via this App.
· We hope this will serve help to protect your hearing. 
What colors do you offer?

We offer black and white. We would love to hear your thoughts on what color to offer next!


What is the uniqueness of the levitation technology? We applied the Gravitron technology, which was originally invented by experts at the University of British Columbia, later improved by a specialist from UCLA. It is the world’s best magnetic levitation technology, that’s what makes Mars the world’s first autolifting levitation speaker system.
What functions are available on the Mars base? ·Subwoofer integrated, working together perfectly with Mars Craft for better sound
·Auto charging for Mars Craft, with magnetic levitation inside
·Working as a mass power bank with two USB ports for smart phones and tablets
Except for the levitation technology, what else do you do to improve the sound quality of Mars? ·1.75’’ ultra-thin full range horn and passive radiator inside Mars Craft, with the help of aptX® from CSR.
· The subwoofer inside Mars base provides excellent bass supplement for the Craft, generating the 1.1 HiFi sound together
· 360° surround sound design
Does Mars support Bluetooth pairing? Yes. Mars has Bluetooth 4.0 pairing.
What are the dimensions and weight of Mars? Height: Craft: 1.3" (33mm). Base Subwoofer: 7.87" (200mm). 
Diameter: Craft: 4.72" (120mm). Base Subwoofer: 5.2" (132mm).
Weight: : Craft: 392 g. Base Subwoofer: 1534 g.
Technical specifications are subject to change and are intended to represent a general illustration of the product and its features.
What outputs does Mars have? 2 USB Power outlets, which can charge your smartphone and other devices.
What is the battery life? The Mars Craft will last for 8 hours of continuous playback, and the Mars Base will last 8 hours of continuous playback as well. When the Base is plugged in and the Mars Craft is paired with the base, the Craft will continue to take-off and land for endless music playback.
Will you publish results of acoustics tests? Of course we will. Some top acoustics experts have been invited to join our team to test. In the future, we shall release it on our forum.
Do I need a WiFi Network? No. You only need bluetooth 4.0 to connect your device.
Which devices are compatible with Mars?  With the latest Bluetooth 4.0 module, any Bluetooth-Smart devices, such as smart phones, music players, tablets and laptops, are able to connect to Mars.
What audio inputs are supported? We focus on a sleek look, so we only offer Bluetooth audio input.
What are the power requirements?

120 - 240 VAC Power.


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